When we collaborate in this Research & Advisory capacity, I work hard to deliver the high value gained from my experience and capability as a trained researcher. I understand a variety of domains and contexts based on my writings, experience, and education.

And having long taught on a wide range of topics, you have also the added benefit of skills I have learned through my mentoring and advising experiences. Simply, I help you connect the dots for your products and services areas as well as receiving their associated valuable briefings.

      My Research and Writings Have Included Areas as
  • Regulatory
  • Economics
  • Social and Environmental
  • Supply Chain
  • Post-Harvest Cold Logistics
  • Cargo Tracking Technologies
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Emerging Markets

How It Works

Like all my services, this service area is customized to your individual business needs and goals. Actual services and application are discovered during our initial conversation, and agreed to during our onboarding process.

For instance, partners may have specific information needs regarding products, services, or markets. A custom research and analysis effort via my Specialist role may provide high value when establishing business cases, seeking product diagnostic studies, or wish to pursue more advanced strategic efforts. A related optional extended Advisory period beyond activity conclusion can provide for additional value via requested ongoing briefings.

Start a conversation. See what my approach can do for your business.