Collaboration, flexibility and capability are hallmarks of my consulting services. I help you address the needs you are facing today, and offer value support capability on several levels.

Value is built into the following two themes.

1. Proactive-Innovation Support (Tactical Consulting)

Focusing on the Communicator and Peer Supporter roles of my Partner Relationship Grid™ (PRG), this consulting theme area addresses various partner business needs, depending on where you are in the business cycle. While some partners may wish to poll their customers, others may have custom learning and training needs.

Examples here include:

2. Transformational Support (Strategic Consulting)

Under this theme, we work with partners on the PRG roles of Reviewer, Strategist, and Manager. We build on any existing services you previously engaged us on, helping us to collaborate at the closest levels of products/services development and implementation levels.

Examples here include providing:

  • Review teamwork and provide feedback during initial planning stage.
  • Provide specific value on strategy definition and product landscape.
  • Engage with implementation through a variety of support services.

How It Works

Like all my services, consulting activities are customized to your business needs and goals. Actual services and application areas are discovered during our conversation, and mutually agreed to during our onboarding process.


Start a conversation. See what my approach can do for your business.