Personalized Advisory Access for Individual Business Leaders

For the current or aspiring executive who engages with technology and related functions on a business level, this service area is designed to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

It is personalized support for times when you need timely contextual awareness on a business-technology scenario you are facing; when you’re looking for a trusted source for side conversation on business and technology matters in preparation for or after attending business meetings; or when you want to advance your continual learning and general professional growth through topic-specific guidance on a routine basis.

Having someone available to you who can put technology concepts in perspective and give context to business situations is important to helping you getting ahead and staying ahead. Today's online world is rich with readily available content. But content alone is not enough. You need to know how to apply the knowledge, in the right context, and for a specific scenario to be effective.

This plan is an individual direct advisory access to me, and is offered to leaders who prefer to receive trusted remote advisory access on days and at times of their choosing.

My career spans around 20 years across several industries covering telecom, wireless, Internet, and higher education. I have developed and implemented technology projects, presented internationally at industry and academic conferences, and have taught at both schools of business and technology. As a result, you gain a broad perspective on how the tech and business aspects intersect.

Our initial conversation will mutually help determine whether this plan is appropriate for you. If so, a suitable approach, plan, and topic area coverage can be agreed-to for working together.