Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based solutions have continued to grow in their ability and importance in helping the cold chain sector address market challenges.

Challenge areas include those around high post-harvest food losses, a developing international regulatory environment, and a fragmented global supply chain. Situated among such challenges, however, are valuable opportunities for cross-industry collaboration towards solutions as development of new products and services, and considerations to improve on long-standing practices.

Driven by such market dynamics, my work centers on helping cross-industry clients innovate and deliver on market solutions around four key ICT domains: Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data networking, telecom networks, and cloud platforms.

Industry 'alignment' happens when both, tech and logistics, industries collaborate towards common goals and purpose.

For background, I have analyzed and detailed some of these challenges and opportunities in my 2019 flagship report. Connecting with the lessons of the industry is essential to making sense of where the markets are headed and the possibilities for needed change.


My Mission 

  • I read extensively to follow trends in technology and distill their potential for industry.
  • I follow a multidisciplinary approach towards making sense of the world and the broader market dynamics.  
  • I apply a methodical, value-based, approach towards helping others. 
  • I listen attentively and with care towards others' situation.