Case-Studies In Rural Wi-Fi: A Strategic Assessment of the Applications, Connectivity Models, and Broader Regulatory Issues.

Sal Yazbeck

SSCCII-2004: International Symposium of Santa Caterina on Challenges in the Internet and Interdisciplinary Research.

Book of abstracts:


There is a gulf between the information-connected and unconnected people in advanced and emerging economies - often referred to as the digital divide. This rift is projected to broaden further as developed nations continue to outpace their emerging counterparts by enabling more communities with Internet connectivity. As well, access technologies used to-date in emerging economies continue to be highly expensive, do not support multimedia-type services in some cases, and are contributing partly to the slow uptake in Internet access. This paper addresses Wi-Fi technology as a lower-cost wireless broadband solution for rural deployment in lesser developed nations including several variables as applications; connectivity models; business cases and strategy; and a broader perspective on regulatory reform matters.