Remote Trusted Advising

I am extending this exclusive six months service of personalized access for individual leaders who aspire to be or remain at the top of their game, and who prefer to receive trusted remote advisory access on days and at times of their choosing.

Whether on evenings, weekends, or varied time zones, this special custom advisory service is available to leaders on several levels.

This is an individual direct advisory access to me and is based on any topic area of my experience and expertise.

As an example, you as a leader may:

  • Wish to receive general feedback on a routine basis on topics specific to your work and continual learning.
  • Have a need for a side conversation on a specific topic while planning for or after attending a business or vendor meeting.
  • Want to receive a sense of awareness or clarification on a specific technology area your organization is considering.

Whether it be of a generic or specific nature, you gain trusted access on mutually agreed-to topic areas.

Our initial conversation will mutually help determine whether this plan is appropriate for you. If so, a suitable approach, plan, and topic area coverage can be agreed-to for working together.

Have a question or concern about this service? I'm here to help.

Start a conversation. See what my approach can do for you.