Sal Yazbeck is an adviser and consultant on products and services areas related to B2B Information & Communications Technology (ICT) applications. Most recently, his research analyzes opportunities and strategies for small and medium businesses to develop the next generation of data connected post-harvest logistics models in emerging market countries.

Over the course of his career, he has built up experience from several industries which allows him to look beyond technology to draw insight on valuable market connections and solutions.


Sal Yazbeck's Experience

Dr. Yazbeck is an expert at connecting market edges to generate valuable insight useful to forward looking organizations seeking innovative solutions and approaches to business related challenges.


He began his technology career at Motorola where he worked on workshop development and training delivery activities related to wireless data communications. He later held business leadership roles at other firms related to enterprise and consumer Internet products development, and has consulted on areas related to management and information technology services.

Dr. Yazbeck has held academic positions at several US Universities teaching in both schools of Business and Information Technology, as well as having received appointment as Associate Campus Dean. Topics taught span from the technical as cloud computing & analytics, and telecommunications systems; to the more business-centric as international business strategy, and organizational behavior.


He received his Bachelor's degree in business from Florida Atlantic University; and his Master's in business and Ph.D. in information systems degrees from Nova Southeastern University.


Sal Yazbeck's Accomplishments and Recognition

Dr. Yazbeck has published and spoken internationally on areas related to strategic business applications of technology, and emerging technologies and markets. He has taught on a variety of business and technology topics at several US universities. He was also a visiting doctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University exploring design and deployment methods for large scale wireless data networks.