Sal Yazbeck

Sal Yazbeck is a technology strategist who helps companies and business leaders gain business situational awareness around their product markets, customers, and product transformation. He is an entrepreneur and independent consultant with around 20 years of wireless, telecom, Internet, product development, and business & technology teaching experience which he currently applies to the data-connected cargo industry.

Sal was at Motorola in 1996 developing and delivering training on radio frequency (RF) data communications. He joined Americatel in 1999 (at the time, Entel Chile’s US telecom subsidiary) as a systems engineer and then as director of business services for the Americas.

He later focused on developing a start-up mobile application service provider, before joining Barry University as Assistant Professor of Information Technology in 2002. His subsequent consulting work focused on providing training related to IT outsourcing cost/benefit analysis (2007), as well as services on analysis and visualization of unstructured data (2012).

Over time, Sal has shared his perspective by speaking internationally at academic and industry conferences, and has taught at several universities and in both schools of Business and Information Technology.

Sal holds a Ph.D. in information systems and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and received his undergraduate degree in business from Florida Atlantic University.