Who I Work With

I work with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and cold logistics ecosystem entities interested in implementing solutions which enable data connectivity and enhance trade within the global cold chain.

On the technology front, entities include Internet of Things (IoT) firms as Hardware Manufacturers, Software, and Platform Developers. Their focus is typically developing devices and solutions for Cold Chain cargo track-and-trace and monitoring services. And having design interests in data communication continuity in various global markets.

On the cold chain front, entities include logistics and transport operators evolving their services through integration of ICTs.

The data-connected cold chain market, by its nature, touches various other verticals across the ecosystem. Depending on their individual needs and goals, I may also be of special value.

Sample market verticals for collaboration:


  • IoT device manufacturers
  • Cloud platform providers


  • Cold Storage/warehouse operators
  • Cold cargo transportation/shipping operators


  • Industry groups

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