I believe that in order to help others see beyond what’s merely presented to them, being curious about our world and its subtleties is important. I've always strived for this principle for its potential to influence clarity of insight, inspire creativity, and drive innovation.

– Sal Yazbeck


sal smallFor the last couple of decades, Sal Yazbeck has been a diligent, yet low-key, participant in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) space. During the latter 1990s, the telecom industry was undergoing significant and rapid changes. He was working on his doctoral research at the time covering then novel areas as wireless data protocols and mixed-mode networks, helping to solve for challenges in anytime/anywhere Internet access to information at a university.

During the late 1990s to early 2000s, he led projects at a telecom company in areas as developing domestic Internet Service Provider (ISP) infrastructure and services; and conducting research and analysis efforts on developments in regional undersea fiber optic cables (an emerging global IP infrastructure at the time) as a product alternative to high-cost multinational satellite circuit connectivity. Around the same timeframes, industry progress continued on evolving the firsts of digital cellular generations, led by the Internet's ongoing influence on mobile communications.

It was those early years when Yazbeck realized how big such a revolution in Internet-driven developments will weigh in on the world... eCommerce, markets, applications, for instance. And he shared some of those thoughts at the time as speaker at industry conferences.

His peer-reviewed publications the years following took on a broad multidisciplinary view of the transforming business environment, covering areas as cellular frequency allocations, regulatory standings, carrier strategies, and approaches to address the digital divide in emerging markets.

He also described the technical, as detailing in a book chapter the network architectures and early use case applications for WiFi and Bluetooth.

Over time, Yazbeck has applied his experience and expertise in various forms. He began with creating wireless communications and infrastructure workshop content for a then Fortune 100 US equipment manufacturer, and has taught on a wide range of topics at several US universities in both MBA and Information Technology programs. His consulting work has supported varied roles including analysis and visualization of unstructured data, and training on IT outsourcing cost/benefit analysis.

Technology, as he has seen it, has come a long way since those early years, and the pace keeps on. A key market question he finds continues to be about what to do with "it"... his view being that the magic of technology ultimately happens at the use-case level.

Yazbeck applies a unique approach towards research and analysis, and an open mind on continual learning which serves to nurture curiosity, broaden perspective, and generate unique value for clients. Having had a career as an educator, beginning in early 2000s, clients have also the benefit of valuable skills he has learned through his mentoring and advising experiences.